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Buildings designed to take advantage of day lighting typically use 40% to 60% less electricity for lighting than conventional buildings.

Resources - Lighting In the News

City Plans to Make Older Buildings Refit to Save Energy (The New York Times)
(April 22, 2009) There is a nationwide push — from Berkeley, Calif., to Austin, Tex. — to cut back energy waste and consider the impact that emissions from buildings have on the climate.... (more)

Preparing for a Flood of Energy Efficiency Spending (The New York Times)
(February 25, 2009) Homes and commercial buildings account for 39 percent of national energy... (more)

Southern California Edison Alerts Customers to Higher Future Customer Rates Because of Sharply Higher Utility Fuel Costs (.pdf)
(July 22, 2008) SCE rates could increase as much as 25 percent during the next six months with mid- and higher-use residential customers seeing estimated increases in excess of 30 percent. The first of these increases could occur as early as October with other changes expected early in 2009. (more - .pdf)

Tackling the Energy Monster (The Wall St. Journal)
As energy costs soar, small businesses are heading back to the drawing board... (more)

California Public Utilities Commission sets energy-efficiency targets (Sacramento Business Journal)
(August 1, 2008) In a series of decisions Thursday, the California Public Utilities Commission set energy savings goals for energy efficiency, approved several renewable-energy contracts, and laid out a timetable for ... (more)